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Behavioral Health

This page explores researching discussing the subtopic of behavioral health within family violence prevention.

Disclaimer: FVPC is only interested in sharing potentially relevant research for viewing and discussion but does not cosign on any findings

Women’s mental health: Acute impact of COVID-19 pandemic on domestic violence

-Sediri et al., 2020

This study examines the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health and gender-based violence in the country of Tunisia.


On the margins: The challenges of identifying domestic violence in mental health services. Findings of a qualitative Irish study.

-Donnelly & Holt, 2022

This Irish study explores domestic violence within the mental health setting and ultimately the benefits of integrated, trauma informed care.


Food insecurity, maternal mental health, and domestic violence: A call for a syndemic approach to research and interventions

-Laurenzi, Field, & Honikman, 2020

This study discusses previous research in an examination of the intersection of some key public health topics: food security, mental health, and domestic violence 


Beyond co-occurrence: Addressing the intersections of domestic violence, mental health and substance misuse

-Humphreys et al., 2021

This study explores relevant data in an examination of associations between key behavioral health topics: domestic violence, mental health, and substance misuse

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