Preventing & Mitigating the Impact of Family Violence

The Family Violence Prevention Caucus (Est. 2013) was founded as an APHA Forum in 2007 and officially transitioned to a Caucus in 2013.


The Caucus promotes strategies and interventions that prevent and mitigate family violence and its after-effects through cultural, social, political, economic, spiritual, sexual and environmental systems that contribute to health disparities in vulnerable populations.

Nov. 6-9 

APHA 2022 Annual Meeting & Expo

Nov. 7th

6:30 - 8:00 PM

Caucus Business Meeting

We meet at the APHA Annual Meeting and hold business meetings and seminars to distribute research, advocate for policies, and educate members and practitioners on cutting-edge issues pertaining to family violence and its prevention. We also collaborate with domestic and international organizations as well as other APHA sections and caucuses on intersecting issues focused on family violence.

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Prevent and Mitigate Family Violence